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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Colorful Cardigans for Every Mood

I had a good time making these little sweater sets. There is nothing I love more than a funky pattern. I probably could've continued to make a billion combinations of these, but I figured I'd better stop a a nice, healthy number of 4.

I think my favorite of the lot is the chocolate brown cardigan with the french blue tank underneath. Brown is just such a hip color these days I can't resist it.

Just for fun I made a couple new Faded Tees. Just figured seeing my own closet is full of thousands of tshirts I would try to spread the insanity onto others.

Also, in unrelated news, I finally found the skin i want to live in forever. After flip flopping and changing every five minutes, this one seen in my ads by Gala Phoenix has won me over! It's from the Autumn collection and i lovelovelove it! So i think i shall never take it off.


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