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Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's good to be back!

Well I took a little break, but I am back and creating again!

i had a little bit of fun with the photography on these ads. I am still trying to decide how i want to display my products, and i think i am going to do a total overhaul very soon. I am looking to move to a new location, i just haven't found a spot of land i like yet. Is it just me or does it seem near impossible to find good, commercial land without buying an entire sim? I just wish they would let me buy 1/4 of a sim. thats all i need, really. Well if anyone has a nice commercial plot they wanna sell me, let me know. cause i am in the market!

Posted these on the forums last night but was too tired to update my blog. But here they are! I have two new offerings today. These two dresses are pretty different from eachother, but both very cute.

Argyle Tramp - A Purple argyle patterened jumper with flexi skirt and matching stockings. It also comes with a pair of matching undies and red flexi neck tie. This outfit was inspired by an outfit i own in real life. It's my favorite, so i figured it just might be someone else's virtual favorite.

Gutter Glitter - A little black dress with a bit of flair. Black satin strapless dress with a velvet ribbon tied with a circular diamond brooch. Topped with a ruffled flexi prim skirt, its as flirty as you will ever need to be!


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