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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Soda Bodyshop has opened!

The new Soda Body Shop has opened in Plush Omicron!

Lots of different skin choices with more to come. So check it out!

The clothing section of the store is still under construction. It should be up soon.


Blogger Carissa said...

Holy freakin CRAP Charlotte! I fell IN TOTAL LOVE with the Emma skin!

All three skin tones are now nestled snuggly in my inventory (minus the one I'm struttin my stuff in at the moment)

And 2500L for this many skins? A COMPLETE STEAL!

2:35 AM

Blogger Charlotte Morellet said...

thanks, Carissa! I am working on new makeups for Emma as we speak :)

4:48 PM

Blogger -Ana Lutetia- said...

I fell in love with Clarissa. Got the demos and haven't decide on a makeup. ..

12:48 PM


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