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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Starlet skin now available at Soda!

A million years ago I had a demo of a skin I was working on called Starlet. Well, I put that skin on the backburner and recently dug it out and fixed it all up! It's a bit different from the demo version, but I think it finally came together!
sooo here it is:

currently available in 3 skintones, 4 makeups each. Each makeup has 4 different lip colors included, PLUS freckled and non freckled versions. 8 skins for the price of one!

Soda now sells shapes, too!! The lovely Kira Paderborn, owner of *Shapes by Kira* has created some shapes that look great on Soda skins! So these are now available in the Soda main store. The shape in the Starlet ad is the "Ellie" shape by Kira.