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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Skin Designer Updates!

Great News!

The Skin Designer Kiosk has been changed to allow you to have more than one order in the queue at a time. So now, if you can't decide between two options, order them both, and as long as you order them one right after the other, they should both appear in the kiosk when you get your notice that your skin is ready. You can try them both on and choose the one you want or choose both!

Also, about the mystery skins... everyone keeps asking me when i'll be putting more out so here's the easy answer: Whenever! I basically only put out skins that have been abandoned in the skin designer kiosk after an extended period of time. So sometimes there will be more than others and sometimes they won't be any. It's basically random. I also only put out the ones that I personally like. So not every abandoned skin will make it onto the mystery skin table.


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